Microgreen | Special

Days to Grow:
Growing Medium: Soil
Lovely tangy sprouts and microgreens
Very high in protein, vitamin B6, amino acids, iron and calcium.
Part of a typical Roman meal was to offer a salad of greens, frequently Arugula, romaine, chicory, mallow and lavender and seasoned with a "cheese sauce for lettuce". Arugula seed has been used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac concoctions dating back to the first century, AD.
All deliveries are done on Thursdays.

We harvest all deliveries within 1 day to keep them super fresh. When transporting all veggies we keep them cooled. We recommend storing them at about 40-45 degrees to incrase shelf life.

After delivery you will receive an automated email letting you know your delivery was completed.

$12.00 / tray
8 oz / tray
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